Gade with the new series of
hydraulic shears

The new series of hydraulic shears are able to combine together versatility, performance and high energy saving so as to meet all customer needs for sheet metal cutting. Not to mention the unmistakable Italian authenticity that Gade offers for all its products dedicated to sheet metal cutting.


  • Full range from 835 mm and 40 tons up to 10 meters and 1100 tons.
  • Graphical touchscreen CNC as standard.
  • Rear register with 2, 4 or 6 controlled axles (also in anthropomorphic ATF version).
  • Automatic hydraulic conveying made on sandwich anvil.
  • Reduced energy consumption by up to 40% (depending on the model) due to the standard use of inverter to power the main motor.
  • Front sheet metal supports sliding on recirculating ball bearing guide.
  • Adjustable intermediates H=100, H=150, H=250 and on request up to over 500 mm for deep boxing.
  • Brackets for clamping punches with lever, with screws, with pneumatic or hydraulic system.
  • A set of hardened and ground sector tools always provided.
  • Hydraulic oil always included in the delivery of the machine.
  • Laser beam front protection system.
  • Rear protection with barrier photocell.
  • Automatic pump for lubricating the guides.
  • Machines that can be supplied in compliance with Law 232 of December 11, 2016 and its subsequent enactments on INDUSTRY 4.0 and accompanied by Declaration of Conformity issued by WARRANT INNOVATION LAB.
  • CE marking.
  • Increased cylinder strokes
  • Two different bend angle control systems depending on the model
  • Pneumatically operated retractable sheet metal rear supports
  • Table with pneumatically controlled crushing function operated by CNC
  • Front supports manually operated with handwheel or automatic with CNC-controlled brushless motors
  • Motorized brackets supporting laser protection systems with automatic CNC-managed positioning according to punch height
  • LED string on the blade holder to aid the operator in both machine setup and bending steps involving multiple stations
  • CNC-controlled front followers for accompanying the sheet metal during the bending stage.

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