Life is a bond.

We are strands of DNA, of chromosomes that bind and create life.

Gade is the story of three DNA helices united by a very strong drive toward creating a business that can generate value.

An idea that confronts us with new challenges every day, that stimulates us to grow more and more, an idea that is creative and guiding, and which we call INNOVATION. A mission, a promise, an incentive to try every day to improve, product, service, not only for ourselves but for a whole system.

INNOVATING means opening one’s eyes to the world, taking responsibility for playing an active role in the process of global improvement that is the goal of the new generations. INNOVATE is advanced technology in the service of a better world. INNOVATE is not the machine, it is the person, it is a mindset, it is human action, it is thought becoming form.

La vita è un legame.

Siamo filamenti di DNA, di cromosomi che si legano e creano vita.

Gade è la storia di tre eliche di DNA accomunate da una fortissima spinta propulsiva verso la creazione di un business in grado di generare valore.

Un’idea che ci pone ogni giorno davanti nuove sfide, che ci stimola a crescere sempre più, un’idea che è creatrice e guida, e che chiamiamo INNOVAZIONE. Una missione, una promessa, un incentivo a cercare ogni giorno di migliorare, prodotto, servizio, non solo per noi stessi ma per un intero sistema.

INNOVARE significa aprire gli occhi sul mondo, assumersi la responsabilità di avere un ruolo attivo in quel processo di miglioramento globale che è l’obiettivo delle nuove generazioni. INNOVARE è tecnologia avanzata al servizio di un mondo migliore. INNOVARE non è la macchina, è la persona, è una forma mentis, è azione umana, è pensiero che diventa forma.


Customer Care

Support from our trained technicians is guaranteed throughout the country and internationally. Teleservice is also available in case of doubts, questions and briefings on the use of the machines.
Thanks to an extensive sales network and a dedicated technical and sales support structure, we are able to guarantee prompt pre-sales support to support you in choosing the machines and the best possible solutions to best meet your needs.


Our operators are continually up-to-date in the use of the latest technology and are therefore able to best train your staff in the use of our machines.
Customized training service delivered by our technicians is available both at our headquarters in Riva del Po (FE) and at our customers' companies.

Spare parts

Our large warehouse allows us to have a wide range of spare parts always available. In this way, customers' downtime is minimized, both when our in-house technical support intervenes and when spare parts are delivered via domestic and international express couriers.
We also have a stock of press brake tools and shears, so we can meet any specific processing needs.


The importance for our customers to make the best use of our machines often translates into the ability to easily consult the relevant manuals. Our technical staff then takes care to make all available technical documentation as complete and clear as possible to make the use of our machines simple and effective.
If you have any doubts, needs or any further support, simply send a request by filling out the contact form on the website and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

In-house demonstrations

Our staff can conduct customized demonstrations of the machines in the company and in our showroom.GADE's space and highly qualified technicians are available at our headquarters in Riva del Po (FE).
During the visit, you will be taken into the beating heart of one of the few Italian companies that still fully manages all stages of production, and you will have the opportunity to see the complete processing cycle to which the machine is subjected: from design to the fabrication of the carpentry, milling on our state-of-the-art moving column boring machines, painting, assembly and final testing.