press brakes

GADE press brakes: ours is a story of innovation and passion.

Building high-quality sheet metal machines and shears for sheet metal processing has been our goal since our first day in business back in 1980.

Gade is the story of three DNA helices united by a very strong drive toward creating a business that can generate value.
An idea that confronts us with new challenges every day, that stimulates us to grow more and more, an idea that is creative and guiding, and which we call INNOVATION.

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GADE enters the sheet metal bending machine market as one of the most qualified manufacturers in the industry with well over forty years of experience. Behind a machine there is always a person: that is why our work is based on listening to the specific needs of customers and developing customized proposals. Innovation for us means continuous improvement of our press brakes and our technicians, so as to guarantee the ever-higher quality standards that characterize a totally Italian product.
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GADE is engaged in the manufacture of sheet metal cutting shears, using high-quality materials. Each hydraulic guillotine shear can be fully customized according to customer requirements, so that ad hoc machines can be created for every need. Our experienced technicians will follow every step, from design to after-sales service, guaranteeing you a complete, 360-degree service.
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Innovation means always setting new standards, raising the bar, evolving our machines and services while always keeping sustainability and safety in mind, both for our customers and our operators.

That is why we are proud to present GADE AUTOMATION. We want to enhance the operator’s organizational skills in managing activities independently and safely, we want to evolve our machines, optimizing processes without ever losing sight of safety and sustainability.

We are ready to amaze you, we are ready to face the future together with you.

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