Gade is: safety, ergonomics, performance and aesthetics.

GADE products espouse stylistic and aesthetic requirements that are now increasingly felt in sheet metal companies. There are, moreover, aspects that are absolutely fundamental from which one cannot disregard, one of which is ergonomics.

The PS-C 3200 press

The PS-C 3200 press, for example,  is a machine that perfectly meets the need for ergonomics, as it is equipped with the new angle control system FasterMade, a patent signed by Gade that makes it possible to guarantee such precision on the bending angle that cycle times are greatly reduced and operators no longer have to do dangerous and tiring operations, such as taking the part from the machine and measuring it. 

GADE has adhered to Model 231, and this is already a testament to how much importance is placed on safety.

the SPC-H 3180 press

Another good example at Gade is a hybrid machine, the SPC-H 3180 press, which employs brushless motors, less oil because it does not use proportional valves, uses reversible internal gear pumps that make the machine especially fast and precise.

In short, our every gesture is a testimony to who we are: the fruit of passion.


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