GADE is not only about sheet metal machinery, but also about services aimed at assisting our customers in every phase, from pre-sales to after-sales service, from the need for spare parts to the training of operators, from technical documentation to personalized demonstrations.

Here below are the main services offered by GADE.


The specialized technicians offer an exceptional service which is guaranteed throughout the domestic and international markets. In case of any doubts, questions or information on the use of our products, remote assistance is also available as an alternative.

From a commercial point of view, the support is provided directly by the owners in collaboration with the technical department, and thereby ensures a rapid, efficient and  high level of sales support, which has always been highly appreciated throughout the years by all of our esteemed customers.


An in-house spare parts department allows us to have a wide range of spare parts always available. As a result, the downtime of the customer’s machine is reduced to a minimum, thanks also to our efficient internal technical assistance, and due to a rapid dispatch of spare parts which are delivered by express couriers both at domestic and international level.

We also have a stock of various tooling for press brakes and shears to meet most customer requirements.


Our operators are constantly trained on the latest technologies and are therefore certified to train your staff on the programming and operation of the GADE products.

The personalized training service by our technicians is available both at our headquarters in Cologna (FE) or alternatively at the customer.


For our customers to maintain the GADE product which they have purchased in good condition, consulting the relevant manuals is highly recommended. Our technical staff is very attentive in producing complete and clear technical documentation and manuals for our products.

In case of any doubt or necessity for technical documentation, simply send us a request by filling in the contact form and you will be contacted as soon as possible.


GADE offers also customized in-house demonstrations of our wide range of products: this service is offered by our qualified technicians at our headquarters in Cologna (FE), where stock machines or machines undergoing final testing can be viewed and tested.

.During the visit you will be accompanied within the pulsating heart of one of the few Italian companies, which still handles all the phases of construction in-house. You will have the opportunity to see the complete cycle of machining to which the machine is subjected, from design to production, from control to testing.