Simplifying, speeding up, making the tool change of the press brake flexible and safe is a great challenge.



The Changemade is able to adapt to the different situations in which it is integrated with the standard and custom customizations requested by customers. It manages standard and special tools. It can serve multiple benders of different lengths regardless of their arrangement. The Changemade makes it fast and flexible. tool change, a fundamental operation to improve the productivity of bending.


The complete setup of the punches and dies is prepared by the robot on the dedicated Composer bars while the folder works. Preparing the setups in masked time allows you to use the robot without stressing it.


The robot releases the tools in the locking of the folder only after the system itself has been closed ensuring maximum safety.


Changing the complete setup of punches and dies takes very little time because it has been prepared previously, but above all because a single action loads / unloads the complete setup.


The robot is the only one that moves Tools and Composer bars in the robotic cell (Patented System). The system has been designed at the hardware and software level so that its programming and management is simple for anyone. The robot becomes invisible.