The history of GADE is based on a history of innovation and passion.

Constructing high quality machines for the sheet metal industry, was the goal we set ourselves since our first day of activity back in 1980.
More than thirty years have passed by since then, but the commitment to a continuous improvement of our products has remained unchanged and has led GADE to become one of the leading Italian companies in the sheet metal industry.
GADE’s continuous growth and expansion has been made possible thanks to the availability of reliable, robust, high-precision products on the market since the company was founded.
These characteristics, together with the entrepreneurial skills of the partners who manage the company, allowed us to acquire increasing market shares, leading to a considerable increase in orders and contracts.
GADE continues to produce high-level sheet metal working machinery for metal sheet processing companies and, can supply three product lines: electronically synchronized hydraulic press brakes, electrical press brakes and hydraulic guillotine shears.
In addition to the high quality of our products, our company also stands out on the Italian scene for the comprehensiveness of the service it provides to its customers. In fact, all activities related to the machines are carried out internally, from the design to the marketing of the product.
GADE is like a pulsating heart made of sheet metal, composed of the passion of all the people who accelerate its mechanical beat.
Great results are only possible with the contribution of everyone and it is thanks to the dedication and skills of our technicians and qualified operators, constantly updated on modern technologies, that we can guarantee you a high quality final product, which we are proud to say is completely Italian.